About CDTalent Enterprises

An FYI on Personal Skills and Values 

CDTalent Enterprises has always been about writing and creative projects, from editing, public relations, and blogs to feature length content creation. Whether broker, content creator, administrative advisor, recruiter or leader, I continue to gain expertise with every project developed and opportunity to serve.

Client-facing verbal dexterity is at the core of effective-successful group interactions and leadership. The significant Q&A necessary with real estate, or any other sales situation, isn’t interrogation, it’s about determining factors most important to clients, often one-to-one. Creative visualization, project coordination, dispute research and resolution, negotiation, ‘Showtime’ energy, excellence in rapport with all group sizes and ages– when you contact me, I expect you’ll take advantage of these abilities. Dynamic presentation expertise in large-small group motivation, optimizes dissemination of program and product information, creates consensus and motivation for buying in-participation. I take pride in a versatility with all forms of writing, and I appreciate the challenge of becoming a subject matter specialist whenever necessary. Sales experiences over thirty-five years are significant, organizational strengths are flexible.

People like and trust me, including when I’m focused and direct, because I deliver whatever we’ve talked about.


Areas of Practice

• Editorial: Full Range of Content Length, Contract Status
•  Real Estate (and this Belief System still works for me)
• Fundraising
• Sales, Operational Support
• Senior Community
• Public Speaking
• Tutoring



A consistent LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennshorkey/) and social media contributor (http://www.facebook.com/shorkgakwbroker/), I’m tutoring reading-writing-ESL again because it’s a God-given ability that makes a difference, especially for younger clients. Self-publishing ‘Cards & Consequences: Return of Marlena the Magnificent’ (2014) is my favorite accomplishment, at least until I finish a current script project.

Volunteering for the South Carolina Hugh O’Brian Youth (SCHOBY) leadership program as Director-writer for a children’s read-along book project called HOBY FABLES, was the sort of challenge that excites me. Editing group essays of 130 Ambassadors (rising juniors) into chapters which highlighted leadership qualities like confidence, loyalty, being trustworthy, cooperation, caring for others, was a first of its kind program.

Six years of achievements with the (Albany, NY) Junior Chamber of Commerce culminated in an exceptionally satisfying year as Community Development Vice-President (CDVP), with over 20 documented major projects and three State-level awards. Our chapter had a considerably smaller membership than its Metro designation, but our Haunted Houses were legendary, and  Junior Chamber service remains a valid toolbox for me to draw from.






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