About CDTalent Enterprises

CDTalent Enterprises is a flexible contract resource where clients can count on ‘plug in and go’ skills, from editing to public relations and informational blogs, feature length content creation and documentation processes necessary to ensure successful point-to-point integration.  Becoming a subject matter specialist is an essential quality for a professional writer, so the combination of interviewing skills, research ability, and client input to produce the  length or look of  desired projects begins Day One.

Client-facing verbal dexterity is at the core of effective-successful group interactions and one-one situations. Expertise in large-small group motivation optimizes dissemination of program and product information, ‘Showtime’ energy in presentation creates consensus and motivation for buying in-participation. Sales experiences over thirty-five years represent significant communications ability to go forward with, and organizational-administrative strengths are always relevant.

The significant Q&A necessary with real estate, or any other sales situation,  is about determining factors most important to clients and negotiation, not interrogation. Project coordination covers a creative spectrum from designing Haunted Houses to political word-smithing and content publication, dispute research and resolution to tutoring, even organizing food-entertainment for a 400 person youth rugby tournament.  Working with veterans groups to improve housing opportunities is a personal interest that continues.

 20170713_142743_resized_3Self-publishing ‘Cards & Consequences: Return of Marlena the Magnificent’ (2014) is a favorite accomplishment, and ‘With Platinum Warrior Focus’ is a sequel in the works for 2018. A consistent LinkedIn and social media contributor (https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennshorkey/), http://www.facebook.com/shorkgakwbroker/), I’m tutoring reading-writing-public speaking again because it’s a God-given ability that makes a difference, especially for younger scholastic clients.  Additional writing-training material available on Thumbtack (www.thumbtack.com/biz/cdtalent-enterprises )

As Director-writer for South Carolina Hugh O’Brian Youth (SCHOBY, 2012-2015) leadership program, a children’s read-along book project called HOBY FABLES was a terrific challenge. Editing group essays of 130 Ambassadors (rising juniors) into chapters that highlighted leadership qualities like confidence, loyalty, being trustworthy, cooperation, caring for others, was a first of its kind program.

Whether your organization needs results on multiple fronts or a specialist, CDTalent Enterprises represents an economic and creative resource worth considering as a Next Step for asset contracting. If you’ll provide the necessary starting point by filling in basic contact information below, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.




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