About CDTalent Enterprises

Content creation, ghost writing, PR releases and project editing is still part of the business of CDTalent Enterprises. Having posted sports-related and ‘an eagle eye view on economy from register level’ content for previous blogs, PULSE pieces (LinkedIn) as POV material will continue. Many of my current Facebook posts are related to real estate. https://www.facebook.com/shorkgakwbroker/ and e-dress for that is  glennshorkey@kw.com.

Professional profile available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennshorkey/. 

kw-wallfix2I was recently called on to articulate my Personal Value Proposition, that specific-personal rationale I bring to the challenges of my real estate career.

People have often labeled me “a good talker,” and therefore a natural salesperson. Beyond a lot of jobs like scholastic fundraising or real estate negotiator for outdoor advertising (billboard leases) industry, I always qualified that as ‘really really good communicator’, because a core belief is that my interview-writing skills are a God-given Strength as well.

Nobody ever said I lacked skills in digging for facts while writing sports-business pieces and blogs, or in working leads sales-wise. People like and trust me, and that includes when I’m focused and direct, like when I had 40 minutes to nail things down with a teacher about fundraising, or getting the cooperation of members during a Junior Chamber of Commerce project.

Doing the significant amount of Q&A necessary with real estate isn’t about interrogation, it’s 100% about developing the best possible understanding of what’s important to the client.

SENIOR COMMUNITIES and fire fighters-veterans, are two special areas of concentration for me,  because I feel that, while people say their jobs are important, they don’t get a lot of solid payoff on that. At one point, fire fighters helped my Dad and gave me another Christmas with him, and that alone makes me want to do more for them. Monthly spaghetti dinners is my thing, and nobody disses my meatballs.

The Tampa, FL realtor and transition team that made Mom’s move to Charlotte in 2015 almost totally stress-free set the standard for my personal effort when I got into real estate. The electronic signing of documents from 600 miles away, getting every receipt for things sold or donated, and her coming back from a trip to NY and having an apartment with all her furniture in place and pictures on the wall was, in a word, outstanding. I believe that her happiness– and the smooth completion of 104 other factors for the family– is what everyone wants in such situations.

Buying or selling a home is stressful, and there are a lot of sometimes complex parts. As sales guru Zig Ziglar wisely says, if you get others what they want, you’ll inevitably get what you want. Enlightened self-interest is a legitimate economic goal, being of service the key. I get better with every experience and transaction, and I *know* I’m in the right place, a career that can challenge me for the next 10-12-15 years.

You should want my help on the important project that buying/selling a home constitutes.



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