The ‘Awww, Sweetie’ Worked Well, Too

Having successfully negotiated a days worth of communication, I’m satisfied people still know how to get from Point A to End of a situation. Most productive part was 1-1 resume counseling session with Mr. Ross, a volunteer with CHARLOTTE WORKS– between us we nailed necessary presentation changes and a one sentence core statement of myself as a candidate. The far end was new friend Alfie’s ‘awww, Sweetie’ comment, which both comforted about a physical inconvenience and caused me to quitmybitchin’, RELAX about non-crucial situation, and acknowledge the Good.

Besides knocking out primary statements for resume, I also got tickets to SYR-Clemson game Saturday night, a nice social extra. I’m taking one of my brothers; Instructions with ticket are we have to root for Syracuse during intro to the ACC. I understood.

Two other moments with words were getting a first writing critique
(not so happy) and an easy couple minutes of jawboning across several sports in laundry room. Oh, and of course, a text. The laundry talk and text are the simple stuff– two guys apparently well matched in sports background talk about local stuff and Joe Frazier; my brother informing me where borrowed-five-days-ago bicycle pump was so I could take a ride after fixing my flat.

The writing event came off a little tricky, but not because my writers ego and Israeli as first language reader didn’t agree about point of view violation. Her ‘can’t know this is how she feels’ comments about a 1,000 word sample confused me, because I *know* the book is written in proper tense, but it made me dig for an explanation. The difference wasn’t hard to find– there was no set-up of character as POV in that sample; critic was assuming I was narrator voice. No problem– I sent her the summary and first chapter. That ‘seek to understand, then be understood’ axiom works, we should be on same page in the future regarding ‘voice’.

Good inter-personal communication gains results, regardless of group age or desired goal, and then there’s communicating where the result simply ‘Is’. In a day worth of getting information sent, received, acted on, some commanded closer attention, and as a professional who values that ability to articulate a point, and even gain action, I appreciate it in others.

That counselor showed me about seriously working one word at a time towards a specific statement that will hit viewers of my resume in a precise and hopefully more positive way, and that friend’s ‘awww, Sweetie, this too shall pass’ comment when I’d been fussing over a particular inconvenience, was almost Mom-ish. It delivered all-encompassing sympathy, plus the implication I wouldn’t have to endure whatever all that long. In the mix of higher and lower communicating, succinct and nice aren’t always the most-heard styles, but Good is Good. You won’t get an ‘awww, Sweetie’ that often, so recognize good thoughts when they arrive, and get your own messages out clearly for the best results.

Like a thank you to Mr. Ross, and an excellent Fall afternoon bike ride.

Glenn S.


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