Panthers pre-season, golf, a Sat. BBQ with pool – Take breaks to renew your mojo


This is actually the White Water Center, but the sense of easy going ambiance shouldn’t be lost, although of course it could become dramatically different. We didn’t live in fear after 9/11, we can’t allow that now.

Having done a quantity of “thought leadership” pieces recently, I even commented about how *a mother grizzly with cubs* – historically a kiss-your-ass goodbye! moment to avoid – treated the guy who saved her cubs better than Trumpster could hold it together for ten minutes into flight after visiting a hospital in Dayton.

Apples to apples comparison, one of those two did an excellent job with their PR.

In the week since those slaughters in Dayton and El Paso, TX, the over-whelming support for SOMETHING to change – by like 94% of everybody – has provided common cause, perhaps on the level of the Vietnam War protests I remember. That the recent violence was directed so specifically, that doesn’t represent the world I grew up in, so I and others will raise ours voices against it.

Does it feel like more jawing coming? Because while the NRA has clearly spoken to the Prez directly about their paid-for feelings, can even “Moscow Mitch” hold up something basic like background checks? How can this gun-racism tie in, after 18 months of barrage, still be inadequate to creating legislative changes? 

We are indeed in stressful times, and while I was pre-occupied with becoming my mother’s primary care person two memorable Valentine’s Day ago, the slaughter at Stoneman-Douglas HS raised the guns- school shootings profile to a national awareness of ENOUGH!  As individuals frequently expressed over BBQ and beers this weekend, there’s an expectation that its time to wrestle with that bear, as long as its getting shoved in our faces anyway.

UGANDA is issuing travel advisories for *their* people going to the United States, in light of constant gunfire in US.  How’s that square with “winning,” our vaunted sense of superiority?

It’s not just amplified jive from the bots, or is it?

Rep. Nadler says this IS what impeachment proceedings look like, that its a process, whether anyone believes they’ve poked strongly enough to move a monumental effort through the courts or not. This is something to be hopeful about. We have the history of Watergate, a defining moment many others – first time voters, post Nixon –  political learning curves rely on, too. Yes, I became part of that huge increase in journalism majors in the late Seventies.

This is where many stop – “There’s nothing I can do”

“Don’t sweat those things you can’t affect,” or maybe the common “Stay in your lane, bro,” begs the question of how much caring and worrying we should individually and collectively give. Was it Covey who suggested we wasted an awful lot of time/energy worrying about events that – 95% of the time – either never come to pass, or will happen in spite of anything we can do?

That doesn’t mean you completely crap out on paying attention though. IMHO, you still have to call out the stuff that’s on the other side of Decency or Right (as in correct) line, and yes, results come from changing those things you can actually affect. Since Day One, I expected that the media would need to keep hot, continuous bright lights on what this administration will go down in history as being, and 2018 was proof of that.

While its stunning that the graft-riddled Trump Administration somehow still floats, we can hope to make certain necessary changes in bringing back our national mojo. Remembering that mojo thing isn’t just a Woodstock flashback, and its really been 50 years since the ‘Miracle Mets’ and Tom Terrific and landing on the moon, but this isn’t the time to go quietly into that good night.

Social Security is NOT an entitlement program, its a payoff I’ve built up since first inside job at sixteen, when I asked, “What’s FICA?”

With all due gravity to everyone affected – and the cannery worker round-up designed to incite greater fears as a chaser – I’m glad to watch a Panthers preseason game, the chance to whack a pretty good bucket of golf balls, and a ribs + beers gathering with neighbors and their young and college age children on Saturday to gird myself for “More.”

Pace yourself, America

I acknowledge feeling safe there, although such a scene is as ripe as any other gathering for violent changes. Yes, should the worst happen at some point, “A good guy with a gun,” showing up like NRA/GOP always exclaims would be welcome.  Counting on Wonder Woman to deflect ordinance is a fallacy, but we’ve actually been here with stopping the killing before – and it worked, remember?20190630_141650

As we consumed saucy ribs, with intelligent persons representing a variety of nationalities and ages, my interviewer gene was tickled pink: So excellent to hear what our acquaintances FEEL on various topics instead of hearing cable TV percentages. It was gratifying to recognize the free flow of discourse compared to naysaying, negativity, and dogmatic reactions that often lower conversations with ‘others.’

The women I spoke with – that demographic everyone recognizes brings victory – I *never* heard anyone mention Hillary, and Trump won’t get their votes either.

There’s no denying the experts saying its going to be loud and bad right through Election Day next November, but I also relaxed, because I unplugged from political analysis from Thursday-Sunday.

Nicole Wallace’s DEADLINE: White House and Brian William’s 11th Hour have been my standards, they don’t do “alternative facts.” Williams’ humor and precise, well-articulated questions of experts is still the standard to hold high regarding the power of the free press. I respect Wallace because she was in the Bush White House on 9/11, and she KNOWS what disarray with staff and a national emergency both look like for real.

Like the soaps opera manipulations your friends used to fill you in about in college, you can miss a couple episodes with politics and pick things up quick in a 24/7 news cycle. Oh, Epstein committed suicide? What a surprise, but Barr is starting a probe…

You’re gonna have to pace yourself, America. Mueller’s report wasn’t as great a “movie” as many hoped, but I’ll support the on-going, Watergate-style job designated for Congress 243 years ago; ICE bullying and savage malfeasance, unqualified clowns considered for high positions, its more anxiety than CBD oil should be called on to negate.

Becoming my Mom’s primary care person that Valentines Day shooting, can you believe we’ve gotten to THIS POINT, again, in 18 months?  Standing on “Moscow Mitch’s” feet of lead in the Senate, that’s a significant, well-defined desire by the many.

Periodically unplugging and stopping to smell any flowers, really, watch ANY high school football game, or having ribs and beers with neighbors, that contemplation of peace and joy we praise in the Constitution is out there, keep pushing for a piece of peace.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises 
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Content creation, client needs are similar to dating – better info turns into ‘righter’ decisions


Typical selfie in bathroom mirror doesn’t move the needle much.

Certainly, online dating and sending RFP-level material to potential clients is a legitimate analogy. Wanting a good professional or emotional connection, one that satisfies a recognized need, works best when everyone is honestly trying on the information front.

Three specific examples of “finding the other”  involves a high, low, and medium set of informational points, and how it affects the successful matching up of elements desired by both parties.

On the low end would be a personal ad lacking any imagination or effort – one picture (the bathroom selfie), minimal written, or “If you want to know more, ask” slackery. That’s an unsatisfying combination from among hundreds of other possibilities, and its headed for the Out Bin almost as a reflex, right?

Content creation types understand that every CV or cover letter sent involves a judgement of our writing skills.

On a lovely, cool Monday morning, I declare that The Super High end of information is represented by 2 1/2 pages of printed who, what, why, how? relative to one recent company’s Content Marketing position. A statement of their corporate positioning, an introduction to expectations of a new team member, responsibilities, necessary skill set, personal qualities (hmmm…humility?), and finished up with bullet points about extras in the compensation situation you’d probably want to know about.

Almost without question – whether pursuing dates or a potential client – you’d invest more effort in something A-B-C, 1-2-3 clear about extra details to start. From the content creator side, responding to that well-defined description with an equally well-defined reason to investigate further is fundamentally right.

The best kind of middle ground is a ‘date’ that shows up as a 100% as advertised stud or stud-ette.  Great attitude, desired attributes sharp and obvious, articulate enough during the meet-greet time over coffee or a cold beverage raising expectations of a possible match. If all is in tune a couple hours later – post-concert and a snack perhaps – its much easier to discuss what Next might look like.

What needs to be done when the bell is rung

Many of us like to think we’re the middle group professionally, that it’s just a matter of getting in front of a decision maker. Perhaps we lack an attribute or two software-wise,  or depth of expertise required, but if there’s not an organic height requirement, face-to-face will win the day.


That would be amazingly naive of the one picture profile to think, and just as unproductive for a content creator candidate to ignore the relative clues in a well-written description of  how to impress that ‘date’ appropriately. 

That Super High end information provider is a remote location possibility vs. office situation, as definite a positive as a bright smile from across the room. The role responsibilities call for a versatile style across several channels (bingo!), engaging with subject matter experts (sales career and all previous freelance writing featured interviewing as a strength), and some esoteric pieces, like “the gumption to wrestle with a problem until a thought-through solution is achieved,” and “…abiding love for processing a lot of input, (then) fishing out the interesting and relevant bits.”

That meeting Saturday’s date provided immediate, verifiable intell regarding an All That candidate doesn’t happen often. She was interesting, attractive, way better than just fit, a look-you-in-the-eye type with a compelling story about spirituality (including tarot, the hook in my books) that kept conversation flowing. And OMG! who wanted to go ‘dutch’ from the get-go.

Having seen the up-close reality of the option, it would be terrific if there was more to discuss in the near future. Hold onto that thought, because that meeting of the minds included almost two weeks of texting, and both of us had multiple pictures and profile writing.  Elementally, the dating system worked, and leaving out that information makes it sound like luck.

Never let it be thought you only did the least that could be done. Quality communications don’t need to be all-revealing bikini shots of one’s career, just promote the belief that we as responders might be that terrific person you’ll want to discuss a future relationship with. All positive responses constitute a successful ‘first date’ for a content creation person.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises 


How ‘SUITS’ Harvey Specter and Trump are Similar SOBs in the Bigger Picture

“Seriously, Often Butt-heads” was what I was going for with the acronym, but if you want to take offense, this is still ‘Merica, and you can say things others might not like without diving to (or past) the lowest possible rung of civil discourse before “Yo’ mama!”

Yes, Harvey mocked Louis Litt’s teeth before, but that’s a far cry from Trump personally savaging every person of color that criticized him, his constituency, and home.

After dropping something large on Spiderman in Avengers ‘Civil War’ flick, Cap’n America didn’t rank out Spidey because he was from Queens, just said, “Brooklyn,” with a smile about his own growing up, and jogged away.

That’s class.

The analogy between a popular television character – Harvey, not Trump, who was considered an SOB as a reality show bozo (sorry, boss) – is fairly obvious if you take a few choice pieces from the bigger picture.

downloadStarting with the primary negative, Harvey took in Mike Ross, someone who was unqualified (not a Harvard educated lawyer, even if he could out-trivia Harvey), causing a serious problem for his firm. At NO point has Trump put ANYONE worth spit in a role that fit their lousy qualifications, except Mattis and Kelley.

DeVos (Education), Pruitt, the grifter from Oklahoma, desecrating our national environment, and Perry (from Texas) were all put in charge of departments where they *hated* what they were supposed to manage. Together they lack the brains of Ross, who was an actual genius (who could read).

Current count on idjits Trump has put up that even Repubs couldn’t vote for: 39.

Harvey has gotten a slew of others involved in keeping that single fact a secret, a willful malpractice that would have precipitated serious blow back (think Paris accords) every case unqualified Mike had been involved in with the firm. Only Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador escaped the Trump administration with her reputation intact.

It took what – seven seasons – for Ross to wind up in jail, even after there was relative blood in the water about him not being a real lawyer? (Think Mueller report, day in front of cameras) Multiple innocent people got jammed up by Harvey along the way, and outsiders who got close to the truth were routinely pounded into submission with legal threats by the high-powered Specter regarding unrelated subjects.

Are you with me?

In fact, Harvey has done nothing but pound people, often to cover up malfeasance by clients and himself, usually 2-3 times an episode. Okay, that’s part of the hook or ‘charm’ of the show, miles from a President who signs papers with a fat magic marker whenever he’s ready to screw another segment of the country.

Anybody remember the Dakota Pipeline? Wasn’t that a done deal, win for environmentalists and Native Americans? Denying scientists the right to publish their findings, or world (Iran and six other nuclear program signees, plus every long term US ally), he regularly tosses someone under the proverbial bus with a stroke.

Neither has started an actual shooting war, but Harvey is only a lawyer, not someone whose whack-a-doodle temperament could accomplish that.

And yeah, they’ve deservedly been in a jillion lawsuits through their actions.

Does Harvey HATE women, or exhibit misogynistic behavior and excuse it in others?

He finally made peace with his mother about how she asked eight-year old him to not tell his father about an affair he’d seen as a child, although he’s basically used his power over a string of women into this ninth and final season. Give him credit for finally recognizing his long-time super-star assistant, Donna, was the one he should give his love and loyalty to, but at no point did he grab them by the crotch or otherwise assault them. He just walked away, knowing he’d usually been the bad person.

Finally, while Harvey has a temper, he’s been willing (literally at times) to step into the ring and duke it out with someone, not snake them by text or send someone else to clean up his mess. (Okay, that “not sending someone else” is kind of a lie, but you know, everybody does it.)  He doesn’t – usually – chortle in glee about whacking someone.

He’s also willing to change his mind when told a damn good reason to, which isn’t in Trump’s skill set whatsoever. Several people have drawn the line with him, told him “this is the last time EVER, Harvey” that they would do what he needed. Unfortunately, Trump has what used to be the Republican Party in his pocket, and they can be relied on to save his bacon whenever he needs it.

Many say its not a good idea to post political thoughts like this, but at this point, with  right at 500 LinkedIn connections, I’m not concerned about losing a great quantity of  those by not mentioning causing a useless and expensive to Americans trade war, pauperizing a wide swath of American farmers, or saying neo-Nazis are fine people.

As for Harvey Specter, he can’t hurt you either, he’s just a TV SOB.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises 


Moon shot memories, and a successful small step for READ Charlotte

Image result for Google Photos, 1969 Moon Walk

Tying two disparate bits of history together, it’s easy to admit being immensely proud of the 50th anniversary of an AMERICAN (no hyphens or political qualifiers needed) setting foot on the moon. Nothing about our current run of nationwide negativity seems legitimate in comparison, although chanting USA! USA! – or “Equal pay!” – for the US Women’s National Team after taking its fourth World Cup is going to be heard loud and proud while they tour the country.

There’s been plenty of documentary material to watch about the overall space program, but every time  ‘Apollo 13’ comes on, the humanity of the space program clicks inside me, and I have to watch how they overcome serious, multiple problems, like gerry-rigging a CO2 scrubber or cold-starting the computers.

Chief Flight Director Gene Krantz said that the rescued mission (Apollo 13) was NASA’s finest hour, and except for the momentous nature of  EVER having put people on the surface of what was always considered unreachable, who could argue that?

We prayed for those Apollo 13 astronauts in Catholic grade school, as close to a moment of true world caring as imaginable, and through the miracle of television, I was kind of there, sharing it with a hunk of humanity.

When 13’s parachutes appeared – almost on top of the rescue carrier, deep into a radio silence that might have meant their capsule burned up on reentry – such a wow! of relief, and pretty much the only good luck they’d had all flight. Gene Krantz said that the Apollo 13 rescue mission was NASA’s finest hour, and except for the momentous nature of  EVER having put people on the surface of that orb in the night, who could argue that?

Fifty years ago, Walter Cronkite was wiping his eyes on live TV at the fact of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the whole world kind of celebrated, and that’s a source of national pride that cannot be erased by presidential ignorance or disdain.

Yes, USWNT was a bad-ass TEAM, but for absolute intensity of mission, the crew of professionals at the banks of computers, analyzing every aspect of mechanical and human performance, up to and beyond “One small step…” was serious as hell.

America, whether we’re still worthy of “…shed His light on thee,” we KNOW there are higher things to reach for as a nation. “Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL?” Not sure about that all the time.

READ Charlotte – A Booster shot of Positives

The second piece of history involves something recent, a gratifyingly solid email update that READ Charlotte sent out to all literacy volunteers. Without posting the entire piece here, letting volunteers in on how things are working out is a great way to keep them engaged.

That 155 third-graders literally took one small, incredibly necessary step forward with reading in this past scholastic year is the story, and we need to build on that going forward.

Research finds strong parallels between reading fluency, comprehension, and overall reading achievement (testing). If you didn’t already know this, Charlotte has the lowest rating (4.4%) of the 50 largest US cities regarding economic mobility, essentially how many children rise from the bottom of one economic quadrille to top of it as an adult.

Its not *just* DeVos’ reign of ignorance and funding terror for public education that brought these programs to the front, but students not reading to grade level by fourth grade are almost destined to fall further behind…

HELPS (Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies), is a reading fluency program, part of a larger initiative by READ Charlotte to bring the community focus around a set of programs to improve third grade reading proficiency rates. READ Charlotte estimates that 20-25% of CMS third graders can sound out individual words (phonics), but don’t read fast or accurately enough (fluency) to understand what they are reading.

The Task Force goal, to have 80% of Char-Meck students reading at that level is lofty – its currently only 39%, with Afro-American (22%) and Hispanic boys (18%) lagging significantly. One specific and very relevant fact from the often-quoted Chetty Study, a Harvard/UC Berkeley project, is that students not reading to grade level by fourth grade are almost destined to fall further behind as reading-writing material become more difficult.

Reading fluency is a student’s ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression.

The average CMS third grader who received HELPS one-on-one tutoring starting in the Fall of 2018 was a full year behind in oral reading fluency. During the 2018-2019 school year, nearly half the students who received HELPS tutoring exceeded national norms for expected growth in oral reading fluency.

Although extra work moving metric needles more positively wouldn’t be a drastic new revelation, on average, the more HELPS sessions students received the more they improved their reading fluency. Students who had 50-plus HELPS sessions gained the most, closing an average 75% of the gap to end of year benchmarks for 3rd grade reading fluency. According to the literature, that’s the equivalent of growing just over 1.5 grade levels in reading fluency in a single year.

The HELPS program, developed by Professor John Begeny of North Carolina State University, was used by community partners and individual volunteers in Charlotte to tutor those 155 CMS third graders in the 2018-2019 school year. “Only 155” isn’t the way to look at such results, only that more in Year 2,3,4,5 is better. Its attainable, no less genuine a “small step” as walking on the moon seemed from the bottom of a long-ago spaceship’s ladder.

Having considered myself a writer from the very early days, its impossible to consider becoming a content creator, blogger, or professional without the reading skills from early on, especially the vocabulary and comprehension. I’ll bring my talents to Rama Road Elementary this coming year, and if you want to be a part of this necessary program, perhaps taking one small-ish step here makes a giant leap possible soon.

Tommy Hudnall,  Volunteer & Donor Coordinator,

Office: 704-371-4922     PO Box 37363 Charlotte, NC 28237



Home team won in 9th, GREAT fireworks! Women’s World Cup – Feelin’ better USA?


BB&T Ballpark is a Triple A gem, and thousands more enjoyed 30 minutes of glorious crash-bang in Romere-Beardon park outside. 

Adding a strong, sweaty, twenty minutes of thumping a tennis ball against a blank wall Sunday evening to the above list, it would still be a sincere wish to America and its varied people about actively enjoying these last four days even more than that.

At times the relentless pounding of political negativity and Us/Them division on everything has to take a break, and a good time with friends always seems to provide such healing moments. Brother Mike saying Wednesday that he’d gotten tix for corporate luxury box treatment for a Charlotte Knights game, plus obvious post-game fireworks, raised the long weekend a couple notches.

Telling maybe ten kids that this would be the fireworks they’d compare tired, one shell-one more-pause-one, two more to string it out events for years, was 100% sincere enthusiasm.

You have to give attaboys! to WBT radio for sponsoring an outstanding, full-bore thirty minute display, one that hit every expectation morning host Ramona raised in saying it was going to be the best in the Southeast. Coming after a sell-out crowd of over 10,000 saw the home team win in their last at bats, with all the extras of being so close to refreshments and players, this celebration of the 4th was a sneaky fastball – more than you’d expect, coming at you strong.


Would it make a difference if these girls knew whose autograph they got? They aren’t Lavelle, Alex, or Carli, but an autographed ball is always good.

Yep, hope you got a bunch of that over four days. If you want to (literally) water down that attitude by being glad Trump’s parade got rained on, this is ‘Merica, you can still say things like that out loud.

Was USWNT and World Cup win a shared experience?

Admitting to having a ton of pride in how this team carried itself, so strong and confidently, was reflected in the wonderful advertising that wrapped around these warriors and the younger generation of girls they inspired. Count on seeing more daughters with purple ‘dos in the near future, and that Big – Bigger deal, with Alex Morgan giving a youngster her jersey as *just* the Big, congrats to every talent person involved in ALL of them.

Working remotely, it was a guilty pleasure to have the games – all of the World Cup was worth watching – on in background of laptop these past few weeks. That several people at the baseball game said the company had screens for games going during the work day, that makes predictions of  women’s soccer REALLY blowing up a fact.

The smart $$$ is already in on it, not still waiting for success to happen. VW giving their ad time up to let things roll regarding the team? That’s what we’re talking about!

Working on content for a CBD oil company this year, there’s an analogy in how the legal hemp industry has gone wild over that particular molecule, with expectations of becoming a $20 billion market in three years. As terrific as the US women’s ‘Golden Generation’ has been, this fourth Cup was forged over time – but with a very similar trajectory going forward.

How the equality in pay lawsuit goes, that’s news for another day. Soon, but not before Wednesday.

First, America has a big ol’ parade to show off it’s pride in what pulling together, loyalty, well-honed skills and enough Attitude to strike a pose looks like – or have a sip of tea if the moment seems right – when all the brights lights are on.


From story reading to community org’s, well-delivered messages work wonders


Wednesday morning was the second time I’ve had the opportunity to prepare a ten-minute reading for the summer school program at Oakhurst STEAM Academy.  What they call a Harambee reader, is part of a half-hour psyche-up session for about fifty seven-eight-nine year olds.

The picture book I read – about an eight-year old boy learning to play lacrosse – was built around an Aesop’s Fables-type moral about “dependability.”  Reading enthusiastically was a reminder of the SHOWTIME! of doing group kickoffs for three years in the scholastic fundraising days.

More directly, reading at Oakhurst stemmed from being aware of the Chetty Study, a Harvard/UC Berkeley project that correlated a link between 4th grade literacy and economic mobility.  Economic mobility is how many children rise from the bottom of one economic quadrille to the top of it as an adult. That study showed Charlotte, NC has the lowest ranking (4.4%) of the largest fifty US cities, so it became an obvious place to put old SHOWTIME! abilities to good use.

My bottom-line in volunteering for short, meaningful opportunities to help with reading and writing is always, “Never let it be said…”

That the male voice was appreciated as such a significant factor in this setting wasn’t lost on the previous days reader, Steve Echenique, or myself, because the Freedom School sponsors regularly say its a presence the kids simply don’t get often enough. Bearded college volunteers are one thing, men with ties, yeah, it’s a different visual that counts.

These are actually the luckier kids, both because this program of two-3 week sessions takes some edge off the “knowledge drop” summer often brings, and there is a cereal and biscuit, milk/juice, fruit cup breakfast to start the day with.

For parents who don’t always know whether their kids are touched by enough of the right information you’ve tried providing for situations that may come,  this audience raised their hands and responded. Having that level of connection with an energized and attentive group, it *should* put a little hop in your day.

Eye contact is at a premium in such presentations. 99% of the time, moving through your group and not just pontificating from behind a podium works best.

Having introduced the idea of writing this story for them based on Aesop’s “morals,” and shown them the covers of the binder really had nothing to do with the 8-year old boy in my story, two girls provided the correct moral, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Extend  the positive vibe

Giving some attaboys! to the counselors here, or volunteers at other events, is a legitimate way for speakers to extend  the positive impact of physically being there. Practice your good communications skills someplace besides a networking event. See who looks you in the eye, can articulate their young person ideas, knows why they’re there at 8 a.m. in the middle of June.

One-to-ones with a couple college students in this situation is a freebie – (almost) everyone likes talking about themselves – and nothings lost if you don’t get an impressive response.

Having participated in several Communities in Schools “social capital” programs this spring, complimenting high school students on their speaking without “umms, errs, y’knows” as out of the ordinary – and a factor easily noticed by adult others – was definitely a simple, effective teaching moment.

Communications: Oyster Roast meeting

Even as a homogeneous group of older guys in a community projects organization, it took over two hours to work through operational Q&A regarding our 5th annual Oyster Roast Wednesday night.

Oyster Roast is a mature product – we were tweaking things, not debating whether an idea will accomplish certain financial goals, or whether to attempt it at all. When 16 guys show up mid-week though, its a good problem to have a quantity-quality number of opinions in steering the club.

After working with friends and members on dozens of similar projects over the years, you develop a sort of shorthand communication,  where a nod, thumbs up, or quick comment lets them know you’re clear on/in favor of what they just discussed, even if others might still be talking.

That doesn’t happen immediately, but having history with individuals usually makes things work easier. The fact we often view opportunities and challenges with very similar results-oriented reasoning or career training, is an organizational strength to draw on.

When it came to how the low-country boil is done for the Oyster Roast, the President answered as the man responsible for that aspect of four previous OR’s. The Community Development VP ticked off his list of pricing, marketing, and What abouts? as the guy who brought the unique idea to start with, and welcomes input like this to tweak the positives.

Finally, its elementally a 1-1 world. Speaking with the Prez about a specific lack of cooperation related to donuts at Meet & Greets after the official meeting, he said a roadblock for several years has been mostly negotiated with a parish official. The results, more suited to our needs without making a single change in an established system, was good news to end the day.

That operational block had bothered me for a while, and now its been pretty well fixed. Hurrah! for good communications.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises 
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Content Creation, remote work, SHAZAM! Online options are worth the effort

20190313_212841During a recent run as a content creator in an SEO-focused area of a CBD manufacturing company,  all the research kept showing how far hemp/CBD oil had come while quickly morphing into a product sector.

How much online information there is about a LOT of things – monetizing writing skills draws me – is like tapping Will Smith’s SHAZAM! genie for assistance, with less craziness.

Having read plenty of online material about CBD and ‘less than 0.3% THC industrial hemp’ over several months, it’s been chillingly good to develop a handful of online possibilities related to writing style and  experience, in exactly the same way.

Having a beer for lunch while you work the proposal systems? Not a problem.

Post-college (for me), you were expected to blanket the world with resumes about experience you didn’t have, today its keywords and SEO. Face-to-face with an employer is still desirable, but three consistent days on a keyboard can set up a future course in bigger ways, and your doggie is the only one seeing you work.

When your materials (like PDFs and links) are set – let’s add ‘interesting’ cover letters for the heck of it – and you followed submission directions, qualifying oneself with four good prospects in a couple half-day sessions could become a kickin’ week towards achieving quality critical mass.

Commission-based companies promote a ‘You want it, go get it!’ mantra, set at high levels. You’re working for yourself in The Gig Economy – conduct yourself accordingly about wanting.

There are a plethora of help sites of course, but without schilling, I like FlexJobs. It kicks butt with results, quantity and quality possibilities, support functions are out the wazoo, and its a super-reasonable price.

Boomers to the rescue?

There are still problems with the recruiting process,  and thankfully, more awareness of ageism as diversity, a topic for another day. Employers think tech-kids know all the latest tricks, BUT… that talent thing doesn’t disappear when silver foxes appear in the hairline.

20181216_212044It’s no lie to say experience and perspective still counts. 

Ask a Boomer, the Forever Young generation. We’re not all DeNiro, starting a late career as ‘The Intern,’ but while the Great Recession messed up a lot of Boomers timing on retirement, some of us never intended to go quietly into that good night. 

If you recognize some of your professional skills are actually sub-par though, online is a great teacher, my Boomer brethren. Checking what the market looks like is legitimate. At many points we all probably got “what the position paid,” and in Charlotte, NC, the going rate for content creators is almost $56k,  about 6% less than the national average.

My first gig of the year produced just under 25% of that. I’ll be conducting myself appropriately going forward.

Glenn Shorkey

Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises